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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The OXO Tower Exhibition, London

This year should have been the second South Essex University end of year show for all of the creative degrees at the OXO tower in London, from graphic design, fine art, fashion, game design, photography and many more. It was meant to be a big opportunity for all of the third years to show off three years of hard work, but sadly because of the coronavirus this is no longer possible. I had the chance to go to the opening night of last years event and it was brilliant, the OXO tower building was built in the early 1900's so the interior is all bare brick and beams, which I think makes an amazing back drop to the colourful and modern creative works that were on show. Below is a couple of photographs I took of last years show.

At this point of the final year, we should have been getting our work ready to exhibit, making sure everything is finished and printed professionally, trying to sort out between us all how the work was going to be hung and whose work was going where. I had arranged for my final project (the Colossal Expedition book) to be bound by a local, professional bookbinder, so I would have had three or four copies ready to be put on display along side the interactive map, stickers and postcards.

This year, the university have arranged for us to take part in an online exhibition, which will be called 'Voyage 2020', and is being created by design agency 6 Red Squares. It is in place of the OXO tower exhibition, so the work we will be submitting is the same work that would have been on show there, just in digital form. This obviously changes how we would have been preparing our work, instead of ensuring we had enough time to get things professionally printed in time, and ready to hang, now we have to make sure that the digital files we send are of good quality and are the right size. We have been asked to send an image of ourselves, our contact information and a short paragraph about our creative style and inspiration, and a maximum of six images of our work with a short description.

I will update with more information, links and images when Voyage 2020 is live.

The D&AD Exhibition, London

Another show that students taking design degrees have the opportunity to participate in, is the D&AD New Blood Awards. Every year they release so many different briefs from companies like Google, Nike, Burger King, Xbox and many more, then at the end of the year students can display their work at the event, held at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. It is held over four days and the opportunities that can arise at this event are massive, there are talks and seminars given by professionals, workshops and the recognition gained from winning one of their pencil awards can be career changing. There are universities from all over the UK taking part, thousands of students showing off thousands of pieces of work, I was lucky enough to go there and have a look around last year and the atmosphere is brilliant. Because of the amount of universities there, the amount of space allocated to each one can be quite limiting, especially when you are considering how much space everyone in your class will have to display their work, so their would have been a limit to the size of work shown. It would have also taken a long time to set up the show so it would have been very important to have all of your work finished and ready to go well within time.

Just like with the OXO Tower show, unfortunately this event has also been cancelled due to the virus, the organisers have decided that this too, will be an online event, and our work will be submitted to them as a digital portfolio and shown through The-Dots, ( which is a website that lets people showcase their work and make connections with other creatives and professionals. I have already set up an account with them, though I am still working on building my portfolio on there, ready for the event, but it seems pretty straight forward to use, and the instructions they have sent to get yourself ready are really easy to follow. (user name on the-dots is katy laundon).

The Digital festival will be held between 6th and 10th July and there is already a busy timetable of events planned, including the chance to have one-to-one portfolio reviews and talks with professionals about your work. All of which sounds pretty exciting!

I will update more when the event is live.

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