The Start of Self Promotion

As a second year degree student of Graphic Design, this year is all about self promotion, getting to know the industry I am looking to get in to and how to get my work out there.

The blog section of my web site will be all about my journey through this process as a student, writing regular updates, with pictures, to show the highs and, hopefully not too many lows, of self promotion.

I want to cover my own experiences of creating my first business card, web site, online and physical portfolio, university briefs and self directed projects, time management as well as any talks and exhibitions I go to.

As a mature student time management is very important when trying to juggle home life and children with live briefs and deadlines, looking into work placements is also hard when child care is involved, so I decided that looking for freelance work would be so much better for me, this will also be on my blog, the pro's and con's of freelance v's working for a company.

I hope that you find my blog useful if you are looking into graphic design as a student of any age or just thinking about ideas for your future.


Katy x

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