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Updated: May 28, 2020

As part of my degree I have tried to look out for places to visit and events that I could go to that could potentially help me on my journey, like galleries, craft fairs, design events like D&AD and talks. I came across Oliver Jeffers world tour to promote his new book, The Fate of Fausto, (which will be released on September 17th) online and managed to get tickets to see him at Kings Place, London.

The event 'Oliver Jeffers in Conversation with Eliza Williams' was held in a large, modern hall at Kings Place, with the interview/conversation taking place on the stage. Eliza Williams, who is the editor of Creative Review, started off with questions about the new book, like where the idea came from, what processes were used to create the book and how long it took to complete. I was very impressed to hear that Jeffers had used traditional methods to bring this book to life, working in Idam, the traditional printers in Paris, France, the illustrations where made using lithography, a skill he was having to learn as he made the book. The typeface used throughout the book was also done traditionally by David Pearson, a UK based designer, hand set using Chambord Maigre (Founderie Olive, 1945), in a traditional printing press.

During the conversation they talked about things like where the inspiration for the book came from, one of the things I loved was that the name of the main character, Fausto, was actually the name of the man that came to repair the air conditioning unit, and Jeffers thought it was perfect for his character.

At the end of the interview they did a really good Q&A session with the audience. The responses and advice Jeffers gave was brilliant, sometimes hilarious, but also very honest.

Above are some of the pictures I took throughout the evening, of the book cover of 'The Fate of Fausto', the stage and then the book signing at the end of the event, where he signed my books and added little drawings of the characters in the story. Brilliant event for anyone to go to, but as a student it was an evening full of first hand insight for a massively talented artist, illustrator and author.

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