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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

As part of the university's industry week, Dave Brown came in to talk about his career and achievements. He founded the creative agency APE ( back in 2008 after a very successful career working for other design agencies. He is a designer who likes to work within a number of different areas of design, such as book and album cover design, logo and branding, illustration and photography.

The talk he gave in the lecture theatre was brilliant, there was a really good mixture of key points of career, hilarious stories from his childhood and uni days and the time he spent filming and touring with The Mighty Boosh (Dave's main character was the Boolo the gorilla!)

As well as the talk in the lecture theatre, he also held a practical workshop were he talked to us about a project he was currently working on for Dishoom, an Indian restaurant that serves traditional Bombay food. He has been working with the owners to create a new book called 'Dishoom, from Bombay with love', which combines Indian recipes, travel, lifestyle and beautiful photography.

The task that he set the group was to create an image to put on the front cover, it could be an illustrative or typographical response, as long as it is in keeping with the feel and theme of the book and the restaurants.

Dave brought in some of the menus that he had created for the restaurants previously so we

could see the style they like, I did some research on the restaurants web site The style they like is very much traditional, patterned, textured and quite minimal.

I decided to do an illustration of the lime and chili that they hang outside the door of each restaurant to ward off evil spirits. I drew the illustration in black pen to keep it a subtle image for the cover.

Above is the illustration I did of the lime and chilis, drawn in black ink, the second image is a mock up of my work on a hardback book with the golden title in a similar serif typeface used by the restaurant.

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