• Katy Laundon

Creating an Online Presence

The idea of creating an online presence for myself to promote my work was quite intimidating, but after doing a bit of research it really isn't.

I decided to use WIX to create a website, after I spent some time playing around with the set up and looking at the options available, it is all a matter of using the pre-set templates and functions to get it how you like it, so it shows your skills and abilities in the best light.

Pressing the 'publish' button is scary and exciting all at the same time. Especially when you look through what you've created and realise there are mistakes all over the place! Going back in and editing is easy though so it doesn't matter.

I also set up an account with Behance, which is an online portfolio for designers where you can publish images of your work and projects you have worked on. You can also look at, like and leave comments on other peoples work, as well as receive offers of projects to work on, much the same as a website, but rather than setting everything up, choosing templates and type, you just upload to Behance and there it is. I also have the app for this on my phone which is also easy to use.

Social media site such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are also good for promoting your self and networking with other professionals. You don't have to make an account with all of them, but it is definitely a good idea to research a few to see which ones you like the look of.


Katy x

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